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Photo courtesy of Rancho Snowfall

CH Munchin'Hill Aragorn

DOB: 3/6/16      *DNA

Sire:  *B Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph

Sire's Sire: +*B Strawberry Fields Stone Cold

Sire's Dam:  GCH Willabelle-Acres WRJ Tempest 7*M 4-04 90 EEEE

Dam:  CH Munchin'Hill Antigone   5-03 93 EEEE (4th place 4 yr old, 2016 National Show)

Dam's Sire: Windrush Farms IRS

Dam's Dam:  CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche  4-03 92 EEEE

There is a certain "style" that really appeals to us, and that defines what we strive to breed at Maple Wind.  Strong milk production is important, longevity and conformation are important--but only those animals that have "that look" ultimately stay in our herd.  It's a challenge and a lot of fun to look at other herds and decide who has that next "piece of the puzzle" that will help us breed our ideal French Alpine. 

In 2010 we had the chance to meet Pat Adels and see her beautiful Munchin'Hill animals.  I knew then that the Munchin'Hill herd was one that I wanted to keep in mind if the opportunity came that I could bring in a new herdsire.

Fast-forward to 2014. When watching the Alpine show, a beautiful black doe entered the 2 yr old class--and she took my breath away.  She was long, tall, elegant with a beautiful mammary system--and the style that made me go "WOW!"  She was very correct in general appearance and I knew then that I wanted a son out of her. 

The stars aligned and God smiled on our little herd--and Aragorn joined us in 2016.  We bred EVERYTHING to him--and his first kid crop didn't disappoint us.  His kids were long, level, correct, with wide straight front ends and beautiful angulation when viewed from the side and rear.  He has had three kids earn their dry legs, with one going Best in Show (the same show where she won the District 5 Alpine Specialty). 

in 2018 we freshened 4 milking daughters in our herd, and saw two other milking daughters in another herd.  The does were consistently correct, had beautifully-attached mammaries and were everything we hoped for.  Two of his daughters were shown at the 2018 ADGA National Show; one was 6th place and one was 14th. 

In 2019, we showed two of his 2 year old daughters, and they traded back and forth on topping their class.  One daughter finished her CH and we are excited about the future for the other daughters in our herd. 

We love the way he blends in lines we have used in the past and also brings in some new lines that should blend well.  Semen is available.   It is heartwarming to us that several outstanding breeders across the US are using Aragorn via AI this fall.  Aragorn is now residing in the Rancho Snowfall herd with James Haught and Blakely Clements, and we wish them much joy with him.  We are happy to have lots of semen to use in the future.

Linear Appraisal:

2-04 88 VEE  Excellent in Head, Back and Rump

3-04 90 VEE

Windrush Farms Neo Intrigue

DOB: 2/24/18   *DNA

Sire:  *B Windrush Farms WRJC Neo

Sire's Sire: ++*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos  2-04 90 VEE

Sire's Dam:  SGCH Windrush Farms IRS Nutmeg 5*M  7-06 92 EEEE

Dam:  CH Windrush Farms Blizzard Mimi   5-04 92 EEEE

Dam's Sire: *B Windrush Farms Wonder Blizzard

Dam's Dam:  Windrush Farms IRS Emily 1-05 87 VVEV

The Kunkle's were penned across from us in 2014 and we fell in love with their beautiful, consistent herd of French Alpines.  We were looking for a new herdsire to cross with our Aragorn daughters, and when we saw how well Charmer crossed with Fiction (Fanfare) we decided to go to Windrush for our next buck.

Mimi has been a favorite ever since she won her class at the ADGA National Show as a milking yearling.  She is the older full sister to Mischief, the 2016 ADGA Reserve GCH Alpine.  We were elated to get our first choice when Mimi kidded with triplet bucks this year!

Intrigue is long, level, and very correct.  And he is a sweetheart who craves affection! He has been collected and a limited amount of semen may be available.

Maple Wind Romulus Fever

DOB: 3/2/18

Sire:  ++*B Willow Run Atlas Romulus   (5-03 FS 91 EEE)

Sire's Sire: ++*B Willow Run Rico Atlas

Sire's Dam:  SGCH Willow Run Caesar Raisa 3*M (2-10 90 VEEE)

Dam:  CH Maple Wind Charming Fanfare 4*M  (3-03 91 EEEE)

Dam's Sire: GCH ++*B Windrush Farms IRS Charmer

Dam's Dam:  SGCH Angel-Prairie Pharoah Fiction 3*M

Fever is owned by Allen Cunningham in Louisiana, and we are excited to see what he does in Allen's herd.  We are thrilled to use him via AI this year.

Maple Wind Hamilton

DOB: 4/16/19

Sire:  CH Munchin'Hill Aragorn

Sire's Sire: +*B Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph

Sire's Dam:  CH Munchin'Hill Antigone (5-03 93 EEEE)

Dam:  Maple Wind Fantine

Dam's Sire: +*B Pearl Valley Rhett Romeo

Dam's Dam:  SGCH Angel-Prairie Jack Fantome 4*M

We are eager to see what Hamilton can offer as a junior herdsire. 

Sires Used Via AI:
  • Windrush Farms Blizzard Manny
  • Windrush Farms APBR Magic Mike
  • Sand Dance Rico Suave

Bearly Sedric Bigwig

DOB: 1/10/2017

Sire:  Sunshine Seign Sedric

Sire's Sire: Sunshine Rehma Revive

Sire's Dam:  Sunshine Aries Seign

Dam:  Missdee's DN Velveteen Rabbit (1-04 FS88 VV+E)

Dam's Sire: Missdee's RL Donatello

Dam's Dam:  MIssdee's BA Callie's Velvet

A special thank you to Levi Campbell for the opportunity to use Bigwig this fall.