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Welcome! Maple Wind Caprines started in 2009 with a vision of a small, high-quality herd of French Alpine dairy goats with the “will to milk and the strength to sustain it.”  Known for our high rear udders and elegant style, we truly appreciate a productive feminine doe. Find out more about Maple Wind's roots here! 

While we maintain a small, select herd; we appreciate their moderate size, elegant style and their ability to produce delicious high-quality milk with long, level lactation curves.  Click here to learn more!
Each year, we look forward to the spring time to see what our “four-legged kids” will bring to the herd. Our goal is to make each generation an improvement upon the last... Click here for more! 
Using tightly linebred bucks with genetics that mix well with ours, we look for a herd sire with a dam that we wish we saw in our own barn everyday. Click here to check our our pretty boys!
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